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Drink Medicine

  • In Japan, we often say “薬を飲む(drink medicine)” when we take medicine.

    薬を飲む(Drink Medicine)

    It is the same even for a tablet, powder, or liquid.

    I think we say “食べる(eat)” when we chew something, and we say “飲む(drink)” when we swallow something.

    Some people refer to curry as drink.

    On the other hand, take can used for both meals(e.g. take a meal) and drink(e.g. take a cup of coffee).

    Since take carry a great deal of meaning, it sometimes helpful, but sometimes confusing to me.
    それに対して「take」は、食べ物にも使えますし(例えば take a meal)、飲み物にも使えます(例えば take a cup of coffee)。

    Original sentence