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Koto Nakare Shugi (事なかれ主義 – A Fear of Rocking the Boat)

  • Koto Nakare Shugi


    Many Japanese follow a principle known as koto nakare shugi (事なかれ主義).

    Koto nakare shugi refers to a way of thinking or attitude that dislikes making waves and tries to maintain a calm situation.

    Koto (事) means “thing.”
    Nakare is a term used to prohibit an action.
    Shugi (主義) means “principle.”
    「事」・・・ “thing”
    「主義」・・・ “principle”

    Therefore, the literal meaning of koto nakare syugi is “a principle that prevents things from working.”
    したがって「事なかれ主義」の文字どおりの意味は、 “” となります。

    In other words, it is a philosophy of acting so as not to get involved in trouble or problems.

    Such an attitude of trying to maintain a calm situation is not inherently bad. However, a passive attitude of pretending not to see problems can lead to negative outcomes.

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