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Muga Muchū (無我夢中 – Becoming Engrossed)

  • Muga Muchū


    The four-character idiom muga muchū (無我夢中) describes a situation where someone is so engrossed in something that they lose themselves.

    Since mu (無) neas “none” or “losing,” and ga (我) means “self,” muga (無我) means “losing oneself.”
    「無」は “none/losing”、「我」は “self” を意味し、「無我」で “losing oneself” という意味になります。

    In addition, mu (夢) means “dream,” and chū (中) means “in,” so muchū (夢中) means “to be engrossed in something as if in a dream.”
    また、「夢」は “dream”、「中」は “in” を意味し、「夢中」で “to be engrossed in something as if in a dream” という意味になります。

    Here, muga is used to enhance muchū.

    In other words, this idiom indicates a state of being completely absorbed in something and forgetting oneself.

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