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Ibara no Michi (Thorny Path)

  • Ibara no Michi


    Today I would like to talk about the idiom “ibara no michi”.

    “Ibara” means “thorn”, “michi” means “path”, therefore “ibara no michi” sometimes literally means “a path where thorns are growing.”

    However, in many cases, this idiom is used to express a difficult situation or a life full of hardships.

    This comes from the fact that it’s very difficult to follow a path covered with thorns.

    The English word “thorn” and “thorny” even mean something like “hardship”, so this idiom “ibara no michi” might have come from English.
    英語でも “thorn” や “thorny” は「苦難」という意味を持つようなので、この言葉は英語から来ているのかもしれません。

    By the way, I heard that “thorn” symbolizes “curse” in the Bible.

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