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Meikyō Shisui (明鏡止水 – Clear and Serene)

  • Meikyō Shisui


    When someone’s mind is completely free of distraction and is perfectly clear, the state is sometimes described as meikyō shisui (明鏡止水).

    Since mei (明) means “clear,” and kyō (鏡) means “mirror,” meikyō (明鏡) means “a clear and spotless mirror.”
    「明」は “clear”、「鏡」は “mirror” を意味し、「明鏡」で「一点の曇りもない鏡」という意味になります。

    In addition, shi (止) means “still,” and sui (水) means “water,” so shisui (止水) means “water that is still.”
    また、「止」は “still”、「水」は “water” を意味し、「止水」で「流れずに留まっている水」という意味になります。

    Both meikyo and shisui can reflect the shape and form of things as they are, which is why the idiom meikyō shisui has come to be used as a metaphor for a “clear mind.”

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