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Emonkake (えもんかけ – Hanger)

  • Emonkake


    Have you ever heard of the Japanese word emonkake (えもんかけ)?

    Even young Japanese may not have heard of it.

    Emonkake is a thin rod-shaped tool to hang clothes, and in recent years, it is usually referred to as hangā (ハンガー – literally “hanger”).

    Since emon (えもん) means “clothes,” and kake (かけ) means “hanging,” emonkake literally means “hanging clothes.”
    「えもん(衣紋)」は “clothes”、「かけ」は “hanging” を意味するので、「えもんかけ」は文字どおり “hanging clothes” を意味します。

    Traditional Japanese emonkake are made of long rods for hanging kimono (Japanese clothes), and this term is now sometimes used to distinguish traditional them from common hunger.

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