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Warau Kado ni wa Fuku Kitaru (笑う門には福来る – Laugh and Grow Fat)

  • Warau Kado ni wa Fuku Kitaru


    Happiness naturally comes to those who are always smiling and to homes filled with joy.

    To express this, you can use the Japanese proverb, warau kado ni wa fuku kitaru (笑う門には福来る).

    Since warau (笑う) means “laugh,” kado (門) means “home,” fuku (福) means “fortune,” and kitaru (来る) means “to come,” this proverb literally means “fortune comes to a laugh-filled home.”
    「笑う」は “laugh”、「門」は “home”、「福」は “fortune”、「来る」は “to come” を意味するので、このことわざは文字どおり “” という意味になります。

    Even if you are faced with something difficult or sad, you can overcome it with a smile and a positive attitude.

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