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Netto Benkei (ネット弁慶 – Keyboard Warrior)

  • Netto Benkei


    In my post two days ago, I introduced the term uchi Benkei (内弁慶), which means a person who is bossy inside the house but quiet outside.

    There is an Internet slang term, netto Benkei (ネット弁慶), which was derived from uchi Benkei.

    Netto (ネット/Net) is an abbreviation for “Internet,” and Benkei (弁慶) is used as a synonym for a person who is strong and bossy.

    (For more on Benkei, please check my post two days ago.)

    That is to say, netto Benkei means a person who is bossy on the Internet but is quiet in the real world.

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