Samidare Shiki (五月雨式/さみだれ式 – Intermittent Manner)

  • Samidare Shiki


    In yesterday’s post, I introduced the term samidare (五月雨), which means a light rain that lasts for a long term during the rainy season.

    There is another idiom that uses the term samidare: samidare shiki (五月雨式/さみだれ式), with the addition of shiki (式) meaning “manner.”
    「五月雨」を使った熟語に、”manner” を意味する「式」をつけた「五月雨式」があります。

    Samidare shiki means that something does not end at once and continues for a long time in an intermittent manner.

    This idiom compares the intermittent and long-lasting nature of something to the rain in the rainy season.

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