The Meaning of 海豚

  • The Meaning of 海豚


    There is a word 海豚, which is a combination of the kanji 海, meaning “sea,” and the kanji 豚, meaning “pig.”
    “Sea” を意味する「海」と “pig” を意味する「豚」を組み合わせた「海豚」という言葉があります。

    The literal meaning of 海豚 is “sea pig,” but do you know how it is read and what it actually means?
    「海豚」の漢字どおりの意味は “sea pig” ですが、実際には何と読み、何を意味するかわかりますか?

    The answer is iruka (イルカ), which means “dolphin.”
    答えは、”dolphin” を意味する「イルカ」です。

    The word 海豚 was introduced from China to Japan using the same Chinese characters and meaning.

    According to a 16th-century Chinese encyclopedia, 海豚 came from the fact that dolphins are sea-dwelling, pig-like creatures.

    Personally, I do not think dolphins and pigs are very similar.

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