Kirifuda (切り札 – Trump)

  • Kirifuda


    Yesterday, I introduced you to the Japanese term ‘denka no houtou‘ (伝家の宝刀), which means a measure of last resort that you use in an emergency.

    There is another Japanese term that has a similar meaning, ‘kirifuda‘ (切り札).

    Kiri‘ (切り) means “cut,” ‘fuda‘ (札) means “card,” and ‘kirifuda’ was originally used to mean the strongest card in card games.
    「切り」は “cut”、「札」は “card” を意味し、「切り札」はもともと、カードゲームなどで最も強い力を持つカードのことを表していました。

    As you can guess, the strongest card is a measure/thing that you can use in an emergency.

    There are several theories about its etymology, but one of them explains that it comes from the fact that the strongest card could cut other cards.

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