Shikaesi, Fukushū, Houfuku (仕返し、復讐、報復)

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    Shikaesi, Fukushū, Houfuku


    I introduced you to the Japanese term ‘shippe gaeshi’ (しっぺ返し – paying back) yesterday.

    In addition to it, there are other terms that mean something like “revenge” — ‘shikaeshi’ (仕返し), ‘fukushū’ (復讐) and ‘houfuku’ (報復).

    The most common one is shikaeshi, and it is often used for petty things such as quarrels.

    On the other hand, when the scale of the given harm is large, fukushū or houfuku would be used.

    Houfuku contains a nuance of an acute resentment.

    Fukushū can be used for not only personal matters but also groups or countries.

    Additionally, shippe gaeshi is usually used for petty things as well as shikaeshi, but it has a nuance of “immediately” or “in the same way.”

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