Kinchō no Ito ga Kireru (緊張の糸が切れる)

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    Kinchō no Ito ga Kireru


    I finished my important work yesterday.

    I was very nervous until yesterday, but now I am relaxed.

    Such a change of my mental state can be expressed with the Japanese idiom, kinchō no ito ga kireru (緊張の糸が切れる).

    Since kinchō (緊張) means “tension” or “stress,” ito (糸) means “string” or “thread,” and kireru (切れる) means “to break” or “to cut,” the literal meaning of this idiom is “a string of stress breaks.”
    「緊張」は “tension” や “stress,” 「糸」は “string” や “thread,” 「切れる」は “to break” や “to cut” を意味するので、この慣用句の文字通りの意味は “” となります。

    This idiom compares a tense mental state to a strained string.

    Incidentally, you can use other verbs like yurumu (緩む – loosing) or hogureru (ほぐれる – relieving) instead of kireru in this idiom.

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