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Uba Zakura (姥桜) Part 2

  • Uba Zakura

    姥桜 Part 2

    Yesterday, I introduced you to the Japanese term 姥桜 (uba zakura), which is a popular name for cherry trees in which flowers bloom earlier than leaves.

    Actually, “uba zakura” can also describe a woman who is past her prime but is beautiful still now.

    That is to say, this term is surely a compliment.

    However, since 姥 (uba) means “old lady,” some Japanese people are regarding this term as an insult, such as “just a woman past her prime” or “a woman who is trying to make herself look young.”
    しかし、”old lady” を意味する「姥」という文字が使われていることから、「女盛りを過ぎた女性」や「若作りをしている女性」など、悪い印象を持っている人も多くいるようです。

    Please be careful when you use it to women.

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