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Kakizome (書き初め)

  • Kakizome


    On January 2nd in various places of Japan, a traditional event called 書き初め (kakizome) is held.

    The 書き (kaki) means “to write,” the 初め (some/zome) means “beginning,” and this term means “art of writing using a brush and ink for the first time in the New Year.”
    「書き」は “to write,” 「初め」は “beginning” を意味し、「書き初め」は「年が明けて初めて毛筆で書く書のこと」を表します。

    Originally, kakizome was a ritual held at the imperial court, but it has spread among common people since the Edo period.

    Also, to begin something on January 2nd is called 事始め (kotohajime – beggining things), and it’s believed that it’s easy to improve what you begin on that day.

    That is to say, kakizome is conducted to improve your calligraphy skill.

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