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Unubore (うぬぼれ – Egotism)

  • Unubore


    Yesterday, I used the Japanese term “unubore” (うぬぼれ), in order to admonish a student.

    “Unubore” means that you convince yourself that you are a better person than you actually are — in other words, it means that you get overconfident.

    The “unu” means “oneself” and the “bore/hore” means “to fall for someone,” so the literal meaning of “unubore” is “to fall for oneself.”

    You know, when you fall for yourself, you would believe that you are a great person/ you have a great ability.

    Also, a person who has such a character is called “unubore-ya” (うぬぼれ屋).

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