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Aona ni Shio (青菜に塩 – Crestfallen)

  • Aona ni Shio


    I’m in a state called “aona ni shio” (青菜に塩) right now.

    “Aona ni shio” is a Japanese idiom that implies a depressed state.

    The “aona” (青菜) means “green leafy vegetables” such as spinach, and the “shio” (塩) means “salt.”
    「青菜」は “green leafy vegetables,” 「塩」は “salt” を意味します。

    Do you know what will happen if you sprinkle salt on green leafy vegetables?

    Water contained in the leaves and stems will be lost, then the vegetables will wilt as if they would lose their energy.

    Because of this, “aona ni shio” has come to mean that you lose your energy and get depressed.

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