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Jigajisan (自画自賛 – Self-Admiration)

  • Jigajisan


    I think that everyone would like to praise himself/herself sometimes.

    To praise oneself is often referred to as “jigajisan” (自画自賛) in Japanese.

    Here the “ji” (自) means “my” or “myself,” and “ga” (画) means “painting.”
    「自」は “my” や “myself,” 「画」は “painting” を意味します。

    Also, in Oriental paintings, inscriptions/poetry related to the painting are called “san” (賛).
    そして、東洋画ではその絵画に関する詩文のことを 「賛」もしくは「画賛」と言います。

    That is to say, the original meaning of “jigajisan” is to write an inscription/poetry of your painting.

    It is thought that since the kanji “賛” (san) include the meaning of “praise,” this term has come to mean “praising oneself” or “self-admiration.”

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