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Ishi (Stone / Doctor / Inclination / Intention)

  • Ishi


    Today, I’d like to talk about the Japanese word “ishi”, which has several meanings and kanji.

    “石” and “医師” mean “stone” and “(medical) doctor” respectively, so it’s easy to use them properly.
    「石」と「医師」はそれぞれ “stone” と “(medical) doctor” という意味であり、区別は容易です。

    However, there are three other different kanji for “ishi”, and all of them are related to “thinking”.

    「意思」・・・ This kanji shows an inclination or thought, and is most commonly used among the three.
    For example: “帰りたいという意思を示す。” (I show my inclination to want to go home.)

    「意志」・・・ This kanji shows a stronger thought or intention than “意思”.
    For example: “強い意志を持って毎日勉強する。” (I study every day with a strong intention.)

    「遺志」・・・ This kanji shows an intention of the deceased (a testamentary intention).
    For example: “祖母の遺志を継ぐ。” (I receive my grandmother’s dying wish.)

    By the way, the “し” in “石” is stressed, while in any other kanji, the “い” is stressed.

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