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Iketara Iku (行けたら行く – I’ll Go If I Can)

  • Iketara Iku


    When people are invited to play or drinking parties in Japan, some often say “iketara iku” (行けたら行く).

    Although “iketara iku” literally means “I’ll go if I can,” this phrase seems to be often used when you don’t want to go.
    文字どおりの意味は “I’ll go if I can” ですが、このフレーズは社交辞令であることが多く、行く気がないときによく使われるようです。

    In fact, according to an questionnaire survey, most Japanese people think of this phrase as a negative reply.

    However, the result of another questionnaire survey suggests that “iketara iku” has different meanings depending on the region.

    According to the survey, the phrase tends to be used when you don’t want to go in the Kansai region (western Japan), whereas it tends to be used when you actually want to go in the Kanto region (eastern Japan).

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