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Tadaima (ただいま – I’m home)

  • Tadaima


    In Japan, people often say “tadaima” (ただいま) when they arrive at their homes.

    This is short for “tadaima kaerimashita” (ただいま帰りました), which is more polite and formal than saying just tadaima.

    Here, “tada” means “just,” “ima” means “now,” and “kaerimashita” means “I’m home” or “I’m back.”
    ここで、「ただいま」は “just now,” 「帰りました」は “I’m home” や “I’m back” を意味します。

    Hence “tadaima kaerimashita” means “Just now I’m home,” but somehow kaerimashita which means “I’m home” has come to be abbreviated and tadaima has come to have the same meaning as kaerimashita.
    そのため、「ただいま帰りました」は “Just now I’m home” となりますが、なぜか I’m home を意味する帰りましたのほうが省略されるようになりました。

    It might be derived from the fact that tadaima is easier to say or more approachable than kaerimashita.

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