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National Gemstone

  • Many people may be familiar with national flowers (also known as floral emblems) and national birds, but today I will show you national gemstones.


    National gemstones are stones that symbolizes the countries, and a national gemstone in Japan is a crystal.

    The reason is because that once high-quality crystals were able to be extracted in Japan, and we had an excellent crystal polishing technique.

    Basically, stones that are known as specialties become the national gemstones.

    For example, the national gemstone in; India and Arab is a pearl, Austria and Australia is an opal, Thailand and Myanmar is a ruby, and Colombia is an emerald.

    There are also many exceptions, e.g., the national gemstone in; the US is a sapphire, the UK is a diamond, and China is a jade, but the localities of these gemstones are not these countries.

    These national gemstones were decided by the national flag color, the national image, or the trade culture.

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