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Marathons at the Olympics

  • The marathon competition of the Rio Olympics will be held tomorrow.


    Today, I’d like to talk about trivia about marathons at the Olympics.

    Spiridon Louis, who is the winner of the first Olympic marathon, drank wine instead of water at an inn along the way.

    Spiridon Belokas, who was the third place of the first Olympic marathon, was disqualified, because he passed through some parts of the course riding a horse-drawn carriage.

    The slowest record of Olympic marathons is 54 years 8 months 6 days and 5 hours, which was recorded by a Japanese Kanaguri Siso at the Stockholm Olympics in 1912.

    He lost consciousness by a sunstroke in the marathon, and when he came to himself owing to helps of farmers, the competition was already ended.

    After that, the Olympic ceremony was held in Stockholm in 1967, then the concerned personnel noticed that Kanaguri wasn’t treated as “abstain,” but as “missing.”

    Therefore, he was invited to the ceremony, and finished the marathon officially.

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