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Pin kara Kiri made (From Pin to Kiri)

  • Pin kara Kiri made


    Today, I’d like to talk about the Japanese phrase “pin kara kiri made,” which means “from the first to the last” / “whole gamut.”
    今日は、「最初から最後まで / 全範囲」を意味する「ピンからキリまで」という日本語を紹介します。

    The “pin” comes from the Portuguese “pinta,” which means “point.”
    「ピン」は「点」を意味するポルトガル語 “pinta” に由来します。

    This became to express “one” of a dice, then became to mean “the first” or “the best.”

    The “kiri” means “the last” or “the worst.”

    There are two theories about the etymology: one is that it comes from the Portuguese “cruz,” which means “cross,” and the other is that it comes from the Japanese “kagiri,” which means “limit.”
    語源は、「十字架」を意味するポルトガル語 “cruz” から転じたという説と、日本語の「限り」から来たという説があります。

    Recently, Japanese people often say just “pin kiri” for short.

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