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An Engagement Ring

  • In Japan, a phrase something like “you should spend three months’ salary on an engagement ring” has spread.


    I heard that De Beers Group of Companies used this phrase for a promotion of diamond rings in 1970s.

    Also, at the same time, the De Beers seemed to use other phrases, “a month’s salary for an engagement ring” in the US, and “two months’ salary for an engagement ring” in European countries.

    The reason of three months’ salary in Japan is due to Japanese income levels and yen exchange rates at that time.

    I think most Japanese know this phrase, but people who spend actually three months’ salary on an engagement ring are about thirty percent.

    Considering the average income of the current Japanese, three months’ salary will be about 1 million yen (9162 dollars).

    Many Japanese seem to think that you should spend your money on what you need in your life, rather than an expensive engagement ring.

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