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Moroha no Tsurugi (Double-edged Sword)

  • Moroha no Tsurugi


    Today I will talk about the term “moroha no tsurugi.”

    “Moroha” means “double-edged,” “tsurugi” means “sword,” and “moroha no tsurugi” means that something is very useful while it could cause a serious damage to yourself.

    This is because a double-edged sword could is easy to hurt yourself.

    In the Japanese national role-playing game, “Doragon Quest,” “moroha no tsurugi” is appeared as a weapon, so many Japanese people familiar with this term.

    This weapon has a high offensive power, but some of damage that you gave come back to yourself.

    Incidentally, it is said that both the English term “double-edged sword” and the Japanese term “moroha no tsurugi” comes a passage from the Bible.
    ちなみに、英語の “double-edged sword” も日本語の「諸刃の剣」も聖書の一節から来ているそうです。

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