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Seisaku and Seisaku

  • Today, I’d like to talk about the difference between confusing Japanese words, “製作 (seisaku)” and “制作 (seisaku.)”


    The readings of them are the same, and the meanings are similar, but the nuances are a little different.

    “製作” is mainly used when you create something that is tangible, such as practical products.

    For example: “大量のパソコンを製作する。” (I create/manufacture a lot of computers.)

    “制作” is mainly used when you create an art work, such as a movie or a painting.

    For example: “新しいパズルゲームを制作する。” (I create/produce a new puzzle game.)

    Since there are many cases that can use both of them, you don’t need to be sensitive too much.

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