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Bonuses and Mochi (Rice-Cake) Payments

  • Bonuses and Mochi


    Most Japanese companies pay bonuses to workers twice a year, apart from regular salaries.

    The average amount of the bonus in Japan is about 1 million yen (8,720 dollars) a year, but it could fluctuate greatly depending on the company.

    The bonuses are over 3.5 million yen (30,520 dollars) in leading companies, while they are 0 yen in small enterprises.

    As a result of searching about the bonuses in overseas, I found that many countries seem to pay bonuses once a year.

    In some countries, companies pay 13 months’ salaries, and this extra part seems to correspond to bonuses.

    By the way, some Japanese companies pay “mochi payments (rice-cake payments),” in addition to bonuses at the end of the year.

    The reason why we call it “mochi payments” is that we often eat mochi during the New Year holidays, but it is just something like “otoshidama(New Year’s gift money).”

    Although mochi payments are around tens of thousands yen (300-500 dollars) in many cases, the Liberal Democratic Party seems to pay 1 million yen to each assembly member as mochi payments.

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