Cassini Division

  • Today, I thought a conversation of a couple who likes Saturn.


    This is a silly conversation.

    Man “If I were the A ring of Saturn, you would be the most likely to be the B ring.”

    Woman “Yes, I also think so. We has kept a certain distance, it’s so close, yet seemed so far away, like the Cassini Division(width of 4,800 km).”

    Man “I think It’s about time you come to the A ring, we should close the gap, like the Encke Gap(width of 325 km). So Pan (which is the satellite orbiting within the Encke gap, and it implies their child.) will be born between us.”
    女「ええ。カッシーニの間隙のように、近いようで遠い、一定の距離(幅約4,800 km)を保っているということね。」

    Woman “I want to make the gap contract, until the Keeler Gap(width of 42 km).”
    男「そろそろ君もA環に来て、エンケの間隙(幅約325 km)くらいまで距離を縮めてほしいな。そうすれば、パン(エンケの間隙内を公転する衛星、子供を示唆)が生まれるかもしれない。」

    Man “Please do not overshoot and reach the F ring. It seems very hard to fill the Roche Division(width of 3,000 km), haha.”
    女「私はキーラーの空隙(幅約42 km)くらいまで距離を縮めたいわ。」

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