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Sensa Banbetsu (千差万別 – Divers)

  • Sensa Banbetsu


    Everything is different, and the world is full of diversity.

    The four-character idiom sensa banbetsu (千差万別) explains this concept.

    Sen (千) means “thousand.”
    Sa (差) maans “difference.”
    Ban/man (万) means “ten thousand.”
    Betsu (別) means “distinction” or “difference.”
    「千」・・・ “thousand”
    「差」・・・ “different”
    「万」・・・ “ten thousand”
    「別」・・・ “distinction/difference”

    Therefore, the literal meaning of sensa banbetsu is “a thousand differences, ten thousand distinctions.”
    したがって「千差万別」の文字どおりの意味は、 “” となります。

    Here, 千 and 万 represent large numbers.

    This idiom originates in the context of Chinese Buddhist historical texts, where it was used to explain that the paths to enlightenment are different for each individual.

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