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Saru mo Ki kara Ochiru (猿も木から落ちる – No One Is Infallible)

  • Saru mo Ki kara Ochiru


    Even the most skilled people in their field sometimes make mistakes.

    Proverbs describing this concept are found worldwide, and there are several ones in Japan.

    Among them, the most common proverb in Japan is saru mo ki kara ochiru (猿も木から落ちる).

    Saru (猿) means “monkey.”
    Ki (木) means “tree.”
    Ochiru (落ちる) means “to fall.”
    「猿」・・・ “monkey”
    「木」・・・ “tree”
    「落ちる」・・・ “to fall”

    Therefore, the literal meaning of satu mo ki kara ochiru is “even monkeys fall from trees.”
    したがって、「猿も木から落ちる」の文字どおりの意味は “even monkeys fall from trees” となります。

    In other words, just as even monkeys who are good at climbing trees sometimes fall from trees, no one is infallible.

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