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Shatei (舎弟 – Henchman)

  • Shatei


    Someone’s younger brother or someone treated like a younger brother can be referred to as shatei (舎弟).

    Sha (舎) is a humble prefix used for a relative.
    Tei (弟) means “younger brother.”
    「舎」・・・ 身内につける謙称
    「弟」・・・ “younger brother”

    Originally, shatei literally meant a younger brother or a younger brother-in-law.

    However, it has become widely used in gang groups like the yakuza to refer to henchmen or younger members of the organization.

    This may be the reason why we rarely see the word shatei used to mean a younger brother today.

    Please be careful when using this term in daily conversation.

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