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Kachū no Kuri wo Hirou (火中の栗を拾う – Taking a Risk for Someone): Part 1

  • Kachū no Kuri wo Hirou: Part 1

    火中の栗を拾う Part 1

    Taking risks for someone else, with no benefit to oneself, can be described as kachū no kuri wo hirou (火中の栗を拾う).

    Since kachū (火中) means “in the fire,” kuri (栗) means “chestnuts,” and hirou (拾う) means “to pick up,” the literal meaning of kachū no kuri wo hirou is “to pick up chestnuts in the fire.”
    「火中」は “in the”、「栗」は “chestnuts”、「拾う」は “to pick up” を意味するので、「火中の栗を拾う」の文字どおりの意味は “to pick up chestnuts in the fire” となります。

    This proverb originates from the French fable “The Monkey and the Cat (Le singe et le chat),” based on Aesop’s Fables.
    このことわざは、イソップ物語を基にしたフランスの寓話「猿と猫 (Le Singe et le Chat)」に由来します。

    In the story, a monkey has a cat retrieve chestnuts from the fire while promising to share them, but the monkey eats all the chestnuts, and the cat gets burned.

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