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Kusaki mo Nemuru Ushimitsu Doki (草木も眠る丑三つ時 – Witching Hour): Part 2

  • Kusaki mo Nemuru Ushimitsu Doki: Part 2

    草木も眠る丑三つ時 Part 2

    In Japan, it is believed that we should avoid going out between ushimitsu doki (丑三つ時 – referring to “2:00 a.m. to 2:30 a.m.”) because ghosts and specters become active during that time.

    In addition, it is also traditionally believed that we should not do practices like awase kagami (合わせ鏡 – meaning “two mirrors facing each other”) or morishio (盛り塩 – meaning “pile of salt”) during ushimitsu doki.

    Similarly, in other countries, midnight is sometimes called “witching hour,” and it is believed that witches, demons, and ghosts are most likely to appear during this time.
    また、海外でも同様に、真夜中のことを “witching hour” と呼び、魔女や悪魔、幽霊が現れると考えられてきたようです。

    These are probably superstitions aimed at keeping people from being active at midnight. Regardless, it is best to sleep well at night for a healthy life cycle.

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