Kata wo Kasu (肩を貸す – Lending a Hand)

  • Kata wo Kasu


    To assist or help someone is expressed as kata wo kasu (肩を貸す) in Japanese.

    Since kata (肩) means “shoulder” and kasu (貸す) means “to lend,” the literal meaning of kata wo kasu is “to lend one’s shoulder.”
    「肩」は “shoulder”、「貸す」は “to lend” を意味するので、「肩を貸す」の文字どおりの意味は “to lend one’s shoulder” となります。

    Of course, this phrase can mean its literal meanings: such as “to lend (use) one’s shoulder to carry something” or “to lend (use) one’s shoulder as a support for a person to stand up.”

    As you can guess, these acts of lending one’s shoulder are usually done for helping someone, which is how this phrase came to have the above meaning.

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