Ibitsu (いびつ – Distorted)

  • Ibitsu


    A distorted or awkward shape is described as ibitsu (いびつ/歪) in Japanese.

    Ibitsu comes from iibitsu (飯櫃), which was once used in many houses in Japan.

    Ii (飯) means “rice” and bitsu/hitsu (櫃) means “container,” so iibitsu means “container for (cooked) rice.”
    「飯」は “rice” を、「櫃」は “container” を意味し、「飯櫃」は炊いた飯を入れておくお櫃のことを意味します。

    Since the shape of iibitsu was usually ellipse, it came to mean also “elliptical shape.”

    Furthermore, iibitsu came to mean that the shape/state/property of something is distorted.

    For example, ibitsu na kokoro (いびつな心 – its literal meaning is “distorted mind”) means “twisted mind.”
    例えば、”mind” を意味する「心」につけて「いびつな心」とすると、”twisted mind” という意味になります。

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