Yo mo Sugara (夜もすがら – Through the Night)

  • Yo mo Sugara


    Today I would like to introduce one of the classical Japanese terms that has a beautiful sound, yo mo sugara (夜もすがら).

    Yo (夜) is a noun that means “night,” and sugara (すがら) is a suffix that means “from start to end.”
    「夜」は “night” を意味する名詞、「すがら」は「始めから終わりまでずっと」を意味する接尾語です。

    That is to say, yo mo sugara means “all through the night” or “overnight.”

    You can also write this term in kanji as 終夜 by using 終, which means “end.”
    「夜もすがら」は、”end” を意味する漢字「終」と組み合わせて「終夜」と書くこともできます。

    [Example] Yo mo sugara benkyō shita (夜もすがら勉強した – “I studied all through the night”).

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