Gomakasu (ごまかす – Covering up) Part 1

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    Gomakasu Part 1

    ごまかす Part 1

    I am not good at doing gomakasu (ごまかす).

    Gomakasu means to cover up something, change the subject, or tell a lie, in order to gloss over things.

    There are two major theories about its etymology.

    One is that it comes from a Japanese sesame confection called ‘goma dōran’ (胡麻胴乱).

    This snack was made by mixing flour and sesame seeds then baking them, and the inside was hollow.

    Because of this, superficial things came to be called gomakashi (胡麻菓子 – literally means “sesame confection”), and the verb gomakasu was born.

    To be continued.

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