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First Day of Reiwa

  • First Day of Reiwa


    Today is the first day of Reiwa (令和).

    As I wrote in my post yesterday, Japan has its own way of counting years, and it was Heisei (平成) until yesterday.

    Heisei ended in 31 years, and it has been Reiwa gan-nen (令和元年) from today.

    The first year of the new era is called gan-nen (元年), which is the term combining gen (元 – “original”) and nen (年 – “year”).
    元号が変わって最初の一年は、”original” を意味する「元」と “year” を意味する「年」を組み合わせて「元年」と呼ばれます。

    After the first year, it is simply called a combination of numbers and nen, such as Reiwa 2 nen (令和2年) and Reiwa 3 nen (令和3年).

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