Iromegane (色眼鏡 – Colored Glasses)

  • Iromegane


    I introduced you to the megane (眼鏡 – “glasses”) two days ago, and introduced mushimegane (虫眼鏡 – “magnifying glass”) yesterday.
    一昨日は “glasses” を意味する「眼鏡」、昨日は “magnifying glasses” を意味する「虫眼鏡」を紹介しました。

    Today I would like to talk about the Japanese iromegane (色眼鏡).

    Since iro (色) means “color” and megane (眼鏡) means “glasses,” the literal meaning of iromegane is “colored glasses.”
    「色」は “color” を意味するので、「色眼鏡」の文字どおりの意味は “colored glasses” となります。

    Of course, iromegane can mean a pair of colored glasses such as sunglasses.

    However, I think that it is often used to mean that someone looks on something from a biased perspective.

    [Example] Kare wa itsumo iromegane de hito wo miru (彼はいつも色眼鏡で人を見る – He always looks on people from a biased perspective).

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