The Toilet was Clogged

  • The Toilet was Clogged


    I have visited Washington D.C. to attend an academic conference.

    And I have stayed at a hotel near the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, but I had big trouble this morning.

    The toilet in my room was clogged.

    I might have used too much toilet paper.

    As a last resort, I called the front desk and said “Excuse me. The toilet in my room is blocked. Can someone come and fix it?”
    仕方がないのでフロントに電話して “Excuse me, the toilet is clogged. Can someone come and fix it?” と修理をお願しました。

    The front desk clerk said “Okay,” but no one came to my room for a while, so I left five dollars as a chip and headed to the conference venue.
    フロントの従業員は “Okay” と言いましたが、しばらく待っても人が来なかったので、5ドルのチップを置いて学会会場に向かいました。

    I would like to be more careful in the future.

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