Machigai-Nai (間違いない – Doubtless)

  • Machigainai


    Today, I saw an advertisement saying that ‘Machigai-nai *** desu’ (間違いない○○です) in my university.

    ‘Machigai’ (間違い) means “mistake” or “error,” and ‘nai’ (ない) means a negative suffix, so the literal meaning of ‘machigai-nai’ is “no mistake” or “no doubt.”
    「間違い」は “mistake” や “error,” 「ない」は否定語であるため、「間違いない」は “no mistake” や “no doubt” のような意味になります。

    Normally, the adjective ‘machigai-nai’ is used to mean that there is no mistake or no room for doubt in something mentioned before.

    However, this adjective can also be placed just before a noun, such as ‘machigai-nai shōhin’ (間違いない商品 – literally “doubtless product”) or ‘machigai-nai aji’ (間違いない味 – literally “doubtless taste”).

    In these cases, ‘machigai-nai’ contains the meaning of “assurance” — in other words, it implies that you will never make a mistake if you choose this product/dish/etc.

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