Tōtō toto Tottōto?

  • Tōtō toto Tottōto?


    Yesterday, I introduced you to a phrase that uses a lot of ‘ka‘ (か).

    After that, when I was browsing the Internet, I found another interesting phrase using the dialect in Hakata — which was introduced by Japanese comedians.

    It is “Tōtō Toto tottōto?” (とうとう toto とっとーと?).

    Tōtō‘ is a common Japanese term meaning “finally” or “eventually,” ‘Toto‘ means a kind of lottery, ‘to‘ (と/獲) means “to get/obtain,” and ‘tōto‘ (とーと) is a dialect that means “Did you do ~?”
    「とうとう」は「遂に」を意味する一般的な日本語で、「とと」は「totoくじ」のこと、「と」は “” を意味する「獲る」を、「とーと」は「~したの?」を意味する博多弁です。

    That is to say, “Tōtō Toto tottōto?” means “Did you finally get/win the Toto?”
    すなわち「とうとうとととっとーと?」は、「ついに toto くじを手に入れた(当てた)の?」という意味になります。

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