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Makura-Nage Part 2

  • Yesterday I talked about a customary Japanese event “makura-nage”.

    枕投げ Part 2

    Today I will talk about the official rules of it.

    Players wear yukata (Japanese bathrobe) as uniform, and the game is held on tatami (straw mat) where futon and pillows are placed.

    Each team consists of eight persons — five players (including one general, one libero) who throw pillows and three supporters who collect pillows that went outside of the tatami area.

    Players who were hit by pillows leave from the field, and the winning condition is to eject the opponent’s general.

    A libero has a role of defending the friendly general from pillows using futon (Japanese bedding).

    Also, one supporter can call “a teacher is approaching~” once in each game.

    If this phrase is called, the opponent’s general have to go into futon quickly and pretend to be asleep.

    All players except generals have to get down on their knees for 10 seconds assuming the teacher found them.

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