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Tatami no Ue no Kega (畳の上の怪我 – Out of the Blue)

  • Tatami no Ue no Kega


    Although you believe that you are safe, you may unexpectedly get injured.

    Such a fact that we cannot predict when and where we will encounter trouble or disaster can be described as the phrase tatami no ue no kega (畳の上の怪我).

    Tatami (畳) refers to a traditional Japanese flooring material made of rush grass and straw; it is slip-resistant, stumbling-resistant, and effectively absorbs shock.”と

    In addition, ue (上) means “on,” and kega (怪我) means “injury,” so the literal meaning of tatami no ue no kega is “getting injured on a tatami.”
    また、「上」は “on”、「怪我」は “injury” を意味するので、「畳の上の怪我」の文字どおりの意味は “getting injured on a tatami” となります。

    In other words, getting injured on a tatami, which is believed to be safe, is tantamount to an unexpected disaster.

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