Unomi (うのみ – Trusting the Obvious)

  • Unomi


    I sometimes perform an action called ‘unomi‘ (うのみ).

    U‘ (う/鵜) means “cormorant,” and ‘nomi‘ (のみ/呑み) means “to swallow” or “to drink.”
    「う(鵜)」は “cormorant,” 「のみ」は “to swallow” もしくは “to drink” を意味します。

    The combination, unomi, means to swallow something or to believe someone’s story/things without ascertaining the truth or without thinking.

    It is thought that this term comes from the fact that cormorants swallow whole fish without chewing it.

    Unomi is often used like ‘unomi ni suru‘ (うのみにする) with the verb ‘suru‘ (する), which means “to do something.”
    “Do” を意味する「する」という動詞と組み合わせて、「鵜呑みにする」

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