Zayū no Mei (座右の銘 – Motto)

  • Zayū no Mei


    Do you have a “zayū no mei” (座右の銘)?

    Zayū no mei” means words that you keep in your mind and use to admonish/encourage yourself — it is translated as “motto” or “words to live by” in English.
    「座右の銘」とは、「常に心に留めておき、戒めや励ましとする言葉」のことで、英語では “motto” もしくは “words to live by” と訳されます。

    Za (座) means ‘sitting,’ (右) means ‘right,’ and mei (銘) means “words engraved in your mind.”
    「座」は “sitting,” 「右」は “right,” 「銘」は「心に刻む言葉」を意味します。

    In the past, emperors made a reliable assistant sit on their right side, so zayū (座右) can mean one’s surroundings or one’s familiar thing.

    That is to say, “zayū no mei” represents words that are engraved in your mind and are always put in your vicinity.

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