Ushi no Yodare (牛の涎 – Cow’s Drool)

  • Ushi no Yodare


    In Japanese, there is a phrase “ushi no yodare” (牛の涎).

    Ushi (牛) means ‘cow’ or ‘bull’ and yodare (涎) meams ‘drool.’
    「牛」は “cow” や “bull,” 「涎」は “drool” を意味します。

    Of course, “ushi no yodare” can literally mean “cow’s drool,” but it can also mean that something continues as a trickle like cow’s drool.
    「牛の涎」もちろん文字通り “cow’s drool” を意味することもありますが、牛の涎は細く長く続くことから、「細く長く続くもの」のたとえとして使うこともできます。

    Also, there is a proverb that uses this phrase, “akinai wa ushi no yodare” (商いは牛の涎 – business/trade is cow’s drool).

    This proverb means that you should continue your business patiently for a long time (should not rush to make a profit) like cow’s drool keep falling slowly.

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