Pafe (パフェ – Parfait)

  • Pafe


    Pafe (パフェ) is a popular dessert among women.

    In Japan, pafe represents a dessert in a tall glass that is decorated with ice cream and fruits.

    It is said that this word comes from the French “parfait” or the English “perfect” — both of them imply that the dessert is perfect.
    「完璧なデザート」という意味で、フランス語の「パルフェ (parfait)」もしくは英語の「パーフェクト (perfect)」から来ていると考えられています。

    Parfait in France usually refers to frozen sweets made by mixing and freezing egg yolk and whipped cream, and they are often served with sauce and fruits.

    The etymology is same, but the definition seems to differ from country to country.

    Also, there is “sundae” in the US, which is ice cream with some toppings.

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