Hisho (秘書 – Secretary)

  • Hisho


    People who assist a key person such as a president or a minister with their work or their job is called hisho (秘書).

    Since hi (秘) means “secret” and sho (書) means “paper” or “book,” the literal meaning of hisho is “a secret paper/book.”
    「秘」は “secret,” 「書」は “paper” や “book” を意味するので、「秘書」の文字通りの意味は “a secret paper” となります。

    This term was used in China, and it was imported into Japan in the Heian period; originally, it literally meant “a secret paper/book” in both countries.

    It seems that the word “secretary,” referring to the kind of occupation, was imported from the West, and from then on, hisho came to be used for a person or a job.
    欧米から “secretary” という職種が輸入されたことをきっかけに、「秘書」が「人」や「職」を指す言葉として定着したようです。

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